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Graeme Newell and his team at 602 Communication work as the best CSR consultants, working over every component of corporate social responsibility, empotional marketing and market research to increase customer base, employee engagement and boost profits. 602 Communications offers the very best corporate social responsibility consulting services for different business models to form better sustainability with planning, training, managing and implementation.

The corporate and Social responsibility Examples of LSTN headphones?

Unlikely Avenues Today we will look at a social responsibility business in a field most people would not associate with the csr movement: the music industry. LSTN is a company that makes high end headphones. It also provides both corporate and social responsibility examples for us to learn from. Why Headphones? Is there anyone who doesn’t love music? We all have favorite bands and songs. We play our music at home, in our cars, and at work. Smartphones let us listen to exactly what we want to, everywhere we go. Songs tap into emotions in a way that words alone do not. Hearing a song we love can evoke a pleasant memory and change the whole course of our day. Facing the Problem We all know and appreciate the benefits of good music. We even take it for granted. But what about deaf or hearing impaired people, who cannot indulge their musical passions or find it difficult to do so? They should be able to experience the power of music the same way anyone else does. Good help solve social probl…

How Uncommon Goods Became One of the Top Corporate Social Responsibility Companies

A Cut Above
Almost any company can become a social enterprise, practice corporate social responsibility, or choose to focus on a triple bottom line. An organization can also set itself apart by becoming a B corporation. A B corporation is one that goes through a certification process to identify itself as having social enterprise goals built into its purpose and mission statement. The company then holds itself accountable for making sure social benefit remains the focus of its daily operations.
Companies know that, over time, even the top corporate social responsibility companies can weaken. New leadership or changes in the business climate can take the focus away from idealistic goals. There is often pressure on companies to do business the way other companies do. By becoming a B corporation, companies can ensure this will not happen. These enterprises keep their integrity over time.
True to Their Roots
One striking example of this integrity is Uncommon Goods, the online retailer that se…